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How do Loan2Days work?

At Loan2Days, we connect you to various Private and Industry sector lenders, easy-to-understand online loans application that put you in control.

Loan2Days do not provide loans and works as a intermediary between customers and lenders. Our teams work hard to find you the best loan deal possible with the best repayments rates available, suited for your specific type of loan requirement- please note May not always be the result of your application. Each loan that you take from third party  will be Stay at your own risk and you will not have any claims and / or complaints against Loan2Days.


Loan2Days Limited is made up of a number of international financial services businesses

Every day, people around the world discover they need help with their finances to deal with unexpected expenses, but find they are ignored by traditional lenders. The closer we looked at the problem, and the more we understood the needs and the pressures faced by those who are cash and credit constrained, the more we realized a new, flexible solution was required.

So in 2017 we launched a lending comparison service that people could access online, tailor to their needs, understand the cost of upfront and get the best repayments rate possible for them.


Loan2Days loans

Loan2DAYS provides assistance in receiving a loan by giving applicants the ability to choose exactly how much cash they want to borrow and then showing a clear price based on the length of time the money is needed for.

Two of our principles are flexibility and transparency. We provide automated decisions to applicants based on the information they provide in the application, data from Credit Reference Agencies and other sources. All applicants are credit checked and need to pass stringent lending and affordability criteria. 


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vii. Each application is being charged by a process fee before we review your application

We Are Proud to Say, Loan2Days is Your Best Personal Financial Advisor.